Kith & Kin

It’s finally here, the long-awaited premier “Eat” post.  The honored restaurant is Kith & Kin, near DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus.  It’s been around for about a year, to glowing reviews, and often is referred to as one of the many new “gastropubs” — but it seemed more like your typical fairly high-end restaurant to me.  Perhaps, if the reasoning in this story about the replacement of their head chef is to be believed, that’s a recent evolution.  I can’t say, as this was my first visit.  Continue reading


Blueberry and Raspberry Olive Oil Muffins

I’m so excited … my first cooking post.  With pictures, even.  The pictures were taken with my iPhone, as probably most of them will be until such time as I acquire a Canon EOS Rebel T2i (six months and waiting for the price to come down on that thing … luckily, Black Friday is conveniently timed about a month before Baby Boy joins me).

This is my adaptation of a Giada De Laurentiis recipe.  I also added a lovely, light lemon glaze, adapted from Martha Stewart.   As my first cooking post, it will also serve as a bit of an introduction into my cooking style.  Without further ado …

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Super-useful iPhone App

Harvest — this highly rated $2 app tells you how to select produce, when it is ripe, and how to store it when you get it home.  Sounds simple, but I am constantly looking this stuff up, and sometimes having to do so on my iPhone at Whole Foods.  This is much faster than Googling it.  Now, if only someone could figure out a way for me to hold the iPhone while getting the avocados into those darn staticky plastic bags …

Coming soon … olive oil muffins with golden raspberries and a lemon glaze.