Sorry for the prolonged absence.  I am nearly 35 weeks now, and I have been TIRED.  I’ve done a little cooking and a little eating, but the big tech news is that my T2i arrived today, so perhaps my pictures will be improving.  As far as cooking goes, I made a stracciatella semifreddo today for the big dinner tomorrow … and I am cooking (with my brother-in-law) an umpteen course Thanksgiving feast for at least 12.  I am posting this today mostly to bind myself to the necessity of a great big Cook post soon.  Thanks for your patience!


One thought on “Update

  1. Oh, I have camera body envy! I just splurged on a L series 85mm prime lens, so I shouldn’t be so jealous…but you have video. *sniff*

    Be sure to let us know how the stracciatella semifreddo turns out. It sounds yummy!

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